//What you need to know before buying a gym membership
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What you need to know before buying a gym membership

Did you know that the average American spends $725 on their gym membership each year? That’s almost as much as it costs to buy a new iPhone. In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks for saving money while still getting fit.

Consider your monthly budget and the cost of a gym membership

It’s a common misconception that you can’t work out at home. The average gym membership costs $30-$40 per month and doesn’t include the cost of equipment or time to exercise. If you think about the price of a monthly gym membership, it would take around six months for them to pay off their investment in fitness gear like weights and an elliptical machine. Additionally, many people find that they don’t have enough time to workout during the day because they’re too busy with family and work commitments. Consider these factors before making your decision on whether or not you want to sign up for a gym membership.

I’m sure most people have considered the cost of a gym membership and how it can vary depending on where you live. I decided to consider my monthly budget and see if I could afford the $30/month fee for a gym in California, which is actually pretty affordable. But this didn’t take into account gas money, food while at the gym, or other expenses that might come up during the day. So overall, I would say it’s not worth it for me but your situation may be different!

cost of a gym membership

Determine how much time you have to go to the gym each week

It’s so hard to stay on top of your fitness routine these days. Between work, kids and other commitments you barely have any time for yourself. If only there were a way to get in shape without having to go the gym! Luckily, with our app we’ve made it possible for you to find out how much time you need at the gym each week based off your activity level and goals.
You can even log workouts from home or on vacation using video tutorials. This will help ensure that no matter where you are, your workout is never interrupted by life getting in the way again!

The blog post is about how much time one has to go the gym each week. The author of this article recommends that people should determine how many hours they have to go to the gym each week and allocate their time accordingly. By doing so, it will allow for enough recovery time in-between workouts and minimize injury risks. If you are only able to workout 3 days a week, then do 45 minutes cardio on all three days; if you can work out 4 times per week, then do 30 minutes cardio per day; if you work out 5 times per week, then do 20 minutes per day; etc.

time you have to go to the gym each week

Find out what types of classes are offered at the gym – do they offer yoga, spinning, or weightlifting classes that align with your fitness goals

It’s difficult to find time in your busy schedule for yoga, spinning classes and weight training. Luckily, most gyms offer a variety of fitness classes that cater to the needs of every member. Explore our blog post for what types of classes are offered at the gym – do they offer yoga or spin?

Gym memberships are often expensive, but there are other ways to stay in shape. Find out what types of classes your local gym offers and whether they provide yoga, spin or something else.

yoga, spinning, or weightlifting

Check if there is a location near you that offers childcare for memberships

Have you ever tried to go to the gym when your kids are home from school, but they need constant supervision because they don’t want to do their homework or chores? It can be frustrating! Time-management is tough enough without having the additional responsibility of taking care of little ones. Luckily, there are gyms that offer childcare for memberships. If you’re interested in checking out if there’s a location near you that offers this service, read on!
If not, then I’m sorry for getting your hopes up (I know it feels like false advertising)! But hey – at least now you know where NOT to go today 🙂

Childcare is a huge factor when parents are deciding to join the gym. If you have children, there are certain days that you can’t go because of their school schedule or other commitments. It’s nice to know if your children will be able to go while you work out so they can get some exercise too. Here’s a list of locations near me that offers childcare for memberships!

childcare for memberships

Think about whether or not you want to commit to a long-term contract before signing up for a membership

If you’re like most people, then you know that gyms can be expensive. That’s why it is important to consider whether or not committing to a long-term contract is for you. There are many benefits to signing up for one of these contracts, but there are also downsides as well. What will work best for your needs? This blog post will provide pros and cons of gym memberships so that you can make an informed decision about what is the best thing for YOU!

Are you looking for a gym where you can sign up for a monthly membership and pay as long as the contract is up? If so, we have some great news! There are plenty of gyms in your area that offer memberships like this. When you commit to one of these facilities, there’s no need to worry about coming up with money each month because it’s all taken care of through the contract. Keep reading below to find out more information on what type of contracts might be available at gyms near you!


Make sure it’s easy for you to get from home/work/school to the gym without having any major obstacles in between (ie traffic)

It can be difficult to find the motivation for a workout when you have to go out of your way. The good news is that there are workouts you don’t need any equipment or special clothes for, and they’re all on YouTube! I’ll share some of my favorite videos with you here.

You might have the best of intentions when you start to work out, but if it’s not convenient for you to get there then you’ll soon stop. Make sure that getting to the gym is easy with these five helpful hints!

  • Pack your bag before bed so it’s ready in the morning and all you need is your coffee and keys.
  • Get a friend or family member on board – they can help keep each other accountable and take turns driving.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time at home, work, or school so that if traffic gets bad en route then you know ahead of time and can change plans accordingly.
  • Wear sneakers every day so that even when it’s raining or snowing outside,